TomatoUSB is no longer maintained and the author has ceased work on the project. The last build was in 2010.

Currently active development may be found here:



You need additional functionality and features missing in Tomato USB? You have a router not supported by Tomato USB? You want something different? You just want MORE? Consider these other firmwares:

Tomato and Modifications

Additional Software and Packages for Tomato

  • Tomato Utilities (Rodney's collection of various software tools and packages cross-compiled for Tomato USB)
  • Shibby`s Repo (Shibby`s repository with packages cross-compiled for Tomato USB)
  • Optware

Other Open Source Firmwares

  • WL500G Project (further development of Oleg's Firmware for Asus routers)
  • DD-WRT (a Linux based alternative OpenSource firmware)
  • OpenWrt (a Linux based distribution for embedded systems)
  • Gargoyle (OpenWRT-based firmware project)
  • FreeWRT (yet another GNU/Linux distribution for embedded systems)
  • RouterTech (3rd party Ti AR7 ADSL router firmware)

Linux Kernel

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